Paul Mederos

Makes meaningful products & services
centered around human experiences.

  1. Present Leading design at Territory Foods.
  2. 2014 - 2017 Led product design and development for Power Supply.
  3. 2013 ~ 2014 Led user experience crew at American Parkour.
  4. 2006 ~ 2014 Ran Enchant Design — a product + design studio.

Adventures, work, projects, etc.

As a self-starter & maker, you’ll always find me building something to elevate others. People matter deeply to me, so in my career I usually find myself practicing human-centered design and building kickass teams.

  • 2017 · Design Lead

    Territory Foods

    We help people make better choices about their foods so they can do more of what they love. Ask me about:

    • Validating a chef network
    • Building a delivery channel
    • Growth-driven rebrand
    • Designing for picky eaters
    • Product experimentation
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  • 2015 · Co-creator

    Crafting Your UX Portfolio

    A step-by-step guide to finding your next job as a UX designer. Ask me about:

    • Interviewing for signal
    • Letting your audience drive
    • Designing a payment system
    • Closing out a product
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  • 2011 · Maker


    Listen to the wisdom of your body by journaling your meals to find foods that feel great. Ask me about:

    • Concept → first $$ collected
    • Targeting health professionals
    • Prototyping on iOS
    Start tracking your food →
  • 2013 · UX Lead

    American Parkour

    Inspiring folks to go outside and enjoy fun movement with a community of amazing traceurs. Ask me about:

    • Ecommerce vs digital products
    • Supporting a global community
    • Applying service design to gyms
    Start learning parkour now →
  • 2017 · Maker


    Reflect on interesting sayings to reclaim a moment of mindfulness. Ask me about:

    • Rapid mobile prototyping
    • Scratching your own itch
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  • 2012 · Organizer

    Designer's Hearth

    A local Meetup group in the SF Bay Area, for designers to meet + get to know each other outside of work. Ask me about:

    • Keys to growing a community
    • Copywriting impacts attendance
    Come say hi over coffee →

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